About Us

Note: RAoV is now retired. We are no longer playing any MMOs. It was a good run and kudos to everyone that played under the RAoV tags.
RAoV – Random Acts of Violence.


Player Killing/PvP/Excellence.

Gaming History:

UO, DAoC, Shadowbane, EQ, AoC, WAR, Darkfall, TF2, & Misc MMO/FPS.

Current Games:


Important Note:

By design, RAoV is a PK/PvP guild. We will not compromise our structure, or ruleset, for any reason. We require every roster spot in RAoV to be filled by an exceptionally played/geared character. We’re not here for pve conquest, excessive raiding, or friendly/family frolicking.

What We Expect:

We expect our members to be pk/pvp focused and to be competent at playing their character/class. All members are expected to be capable of playing/pvping effectively in solo and group situations.

Playtimes/Commitment (VERY IMPORTANT!):

Generally speaking, we’re a CST/EST timezone group. That said, we will not turn someone away that plays during our ‘non peak’ hours provided they fit the RAoV mold.

As far as commitment goes, that’s an area where we may differ from other ‘hardcore’ guilds. While we would like to have 100% dedication from our members, we realize the need for people to explore other areas of gaming with other groups of friends. We don’t require our members to have all of their toons in RAoV or ask that they spend all of their time here. In fact, we’d prefer that our members ONLY have their PvP characters here!

We only want the best in RAoV. We don’t want alts that are in scrap gear or that our members aren’t competent at playing. So, we actually URGE our members to play in other guilds and explore other facets of gaming with different people.

As stated above, RAoV is a pvp guild. However, we DO NOT expect people to be 100% pvp 100% of the time. When our members are on their RAoV toons, they are expected to represent those guild tags and give 100% effort. When our members are playing alts, we hope they’re enjoying themselves and they can play any way they wish.

The Rules:

We have two sets of rules. The first set pertains specifically to RAoV Recruits. The second set pertains to ALL RAoV members and are to be considered the General RAoV Rules..

RAoV Recruit Rules:

1. Recruits must be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions.
2. Recruits MUST be recommended/sponsored by a current RAoV Member. No exceptions.
3. Before being considered for a guild invite, a prospective recruit MUST register on our forums @ http://pixelcrack.net and visit our recruitment forum. Recruits are required to complete the short RAoV application. PM the application to Anathesius. No exceptions.
4. Potential recruits must have a working ventrilo client (AND have a WORKING microphone). Everyone in RAoV is required to be in ventrilo while in game on their RAoV toon(s). No exceptions.
5. Recruits are allowed ONE character in RAoV. No exceptions.
6. Recruits are expected to be self-sufficient. During the trial period, the Recruit will have to prove their worth to RAoV. No exceptions.
7. All Recruits are judged on their individual performance. Talent, time played, how well a player fits in with RAoV’s style, effort, etc. will all be factors as to how they are judged.
8. Recruits are not allowed to display RAoV guild tags until they are 30 days into the Standard Trial Period.
9. The Standard Trial Period for Recruits is 90 days. A recruit may be dismissed at ANY time during the trial period. An explanation for dismissal may, or may not, be given.
10. At the end of 90 days a Recruit will be promoted to Member status.


RAoV does NOT recruit based on friendship or family ties. All recruitment is done on an individual basis. A Member may sponsor a friend of family member, but that is no guarantee that the sponsored person will survive the 90 day trial period.

Please keep in mind that RAoV is a guild based around a certain style of play. If we deny a person’s guild application or dismiss them before their 90 day trial period is completed, it’s nothing personal…it doesn’t mean we dislike that person or have any ill-will towards them. Again, RAoV will not compromise our structure for any individual, friend or family.

RAoV General Rules:

1. Members must be 18 years of age.
2. Members must be registered @ http://pixelcrack.net
3. Members must be in ventrilo (AND have a WORKING microphone) while playing their RAoV character.
4. PKing/PvP comes first.
5. While playing on an RAoV character, 100% effort is expected of our members.
6. Members may have alts in the guild ONLY if said alt is equipped/capable of upholding RAoV standards. What this means is: No trash alts or toons that aren’t twinked/geared for their current level/tier.
7. Drama = not tolerated.
8. Excessive crying/bitching/complaining is not acceptable.
9. Never ease up on the enemy unless you find yourself in a no-win situation. See rule #10.
10. Play to win.
11. We do NOT swear in public chat. We do NOT SPAM in public chat. We do NOT argue with others in public chat.
12. RAoV does not, under any circumstances, form alliances with any other guild. We may work with another guild to achieve a common goal, but we will not enter into ANY type of formal agreement with said guild.
13. RAoV’s Ruleset will be strictly enforced.

EQ2 Rules:

1. Everyone in RAoV MUST have AT LEAST mastercrafted gear + expert spells/CAs.
2. See EQ2 Rule #1.

Our ruleset is pretty cut and dry. Recruits must prove themselves and play according to our rules. Members must represent and uphold RAoV’s ideals. It’s that simple.


RAoV Leader/Officer – Guide RAoV. Keep people focused. Promote RAoV. Set the example that RAoV members and recruits should follow regarding PKing, PvP, direction, etc.

RAoV Blood – Player that has held ‘Member’ status for AT LEAST 1 year. Considered a permanent member of RAoV. Blood status is given to a member directly from the RAoV leader based on their loyalty, skill, and motivation. Officers must be RAoV Blood.

RAoV Member – Player that has passed the 90 day recruitment phase and is/are considered 100% RAoV.

RAoV Recruit – Player that has 90 days to make the cut in RAoV.

RAoV Inactive – Player that holds AT LEAST the ‘Member’ rank and is on hiatus.

There will always be room for advancement in RAoV. Exceptional players will ALWAYS reap the rewards of their efforts. After reading this ‘charter’, one should have a crystal clear understanding of how RAoV works.

Having said that, leaders/officers in RAoV are required to keep people focused, aid in promoting RAoV, and work with one another to keep the guild pointed in the right direction. Anyone that has future aspirations to hold a leadership position in RAoV should be prepared to lead by example, be motivated, be active on the necessary gaming forums, and do whatever it takes to make RAoV thrive.

Officer and Blood promotions in RAoV are decided by the leader. There is no formula…you either made an impression during your first year in the guild, or you didn’t.


In a nutshell, we demand productive members that have a love for the PK/PvP gaming style.

The End.